Lawsuit claims faulty radio contributed to 2013 deaths of Houston firefighters 

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HOUSTON — Stunning new evidence has come out about the Southwest Inn Fire that killed four Houston firefighters in May 2013.

A federal lawsuit filed against Motorola in 2016 claims a radio malfunction led to 18 minutes of delays, preventing other firefighters from reaching their trapped colleagues.

The families of the fallen firefighters hired forensic pathologist Michael Baden to review the evidence in this case.

Baden composed a letter showing his findings, and aside from the faulty radio claim, Baden also says the firefighters could have been successfully revived seven minutes after they lost breathable air.

NewsFix has reached out to Motorola for comment, but so far we have not heard back.

Anne Sullivan, Robert Garner, Matthew Renaud and Robert BeBee died in the massive blaze.

Captain William 'Iron Bill' Dowling was among those injured in the fire and died last March from his injuries.

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