Texas man with ‘Trump, that boy don’t act right’ shirt gaining attention in Memphis 

HOUSTON — A Texas man is bring a whole lot attention to himself for unusual campaign in Memphis.

You may remember Newsfix  when introduced you to Gale McCray a while back—he calls himself "the old man with a sign."

Well, he's made it his mission to go around the country with his sign reading, "Trump, that boy don't act right."

Of course, McCray has gotten mixed reactions.

"In smaller towns, I've seen young people they've never had anybody do anything like what I do. You get middle fingers, you get cussed, you get nice things and you get a thumbs up. You get, uh — it's about the same," McCray said.

The Texan says his goal is to get people talking about the issues plaguing the country.

"I think he is dangerous," McCrawy said. "I think he is very dangerous."

He admits he does get harassed from time to time, but says his ultimate message is clear: vote, vote, vote.

McCray says his next on his "campaign trail" will be Washington D.C.