Frustrated Texas middle school teacher’s Facebook post goes viral

CEDAR CREEK, Texas — One Texas teacher has taken to Facebook to get a load off.

Julie Marburger teaches middle school in Cedar Creek, which sits just southeast of Austin.  According to her post, she's beyond frustrated with bad behavior from students and their parents.

She writes: "Parents have become too disrespectful, and their children are even worse."

She accuses administrators of always erring on the side of "keeping the parent happy," which makes it impossible to teach the kids.

Marburber's lengthy post seems to have struck a chord.  It's been viewed more than 420,000 times and she's received comments from all over the world. The 45-year-old mother of four says teaching has always been her dream job. But not any more.

Apparently, an incident with one mom hit a nerve.  She says the parent berated her in front of her class for holding the boy accountable for his bad behavior and she had to leave early that day because she was "unable emotionally to continue."

Along with her diatribe about what she perceives to be a broken education system, she posted photos she thinks depict the disregard the kids have for school and for property.  Among the ruins are some personal possessions she purchased because "I have NO classroom budget."

She does offer up an idea for society. We need to "treat one another with manners and respect because no one wins when kindness dies."

Not a bad lesson for any profession!

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