Young girls jump from balcony to escape burning dance school in New Jersey 

EDGEWATER, N.J. — Dramatic video out of New Jersey shows young girls jumping for their lives as a fire ripped through their dance studio.

More than 10 girls were trapped inside the second-story studio as the fire broke out, nearly engulfing the entire business building. Good Samaritans and police officers jumped to action when they saw the girls still inside looking for help.

Tony Nehmi was one of those bystanders.

"Two girls tried to break the window with the phone they have and they couldn't," he says. "Twelve years, thirteen years old... I have to put the ladder, go up and break the window with the ladder," Nehmi said.

"Miraculously, there's a ladder on the other side of the building. We look up and there are two girls pounding on the front window, trapped inside," Edgewater Police Sgt. James Dalton said.

There were minor injuries, but everyone made it out thanks to the first responders who were quick on their feet.