‘Twerk’ the Pounds Away: Trap Yoga with Trap Yoga Bae

HOUSTON -- Tired of the same old yoga practice? Well why not get funky with your flow and get your Namaste on with "ratchet-affirmations". That's exactly what you'll find practicing Trap Yoga with the one and only Trap Yoga Bae.

Britteny Floyd-Mayo, otherwise known as Trap Yoga Bae, joined CW39 Houston's, Maggie Flecknoe to talk more about her journey to this unique Vinayasa-style of yoga.

Trap Yoga Bae also did a private practice with Maggie. Teaching her how to get fr4eaky with her flow, even twerk it out in downward dog.

Check it out below:

You can also practice with Trap Yoga Bae, this weekend. She'll be in town April 12th - April 14th. Click here for deets.