Simon Says: We’re suckers! That’s why ‘Fakebook’ thrived.

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HOUSTON — Is it just me, but did Mark Zuckerberg look scared and miserable when he testified before Congress over that data mining scandal?

Mr. Facebook goes to Washington was not a classic.  I bet he never expected to be in this kind of seat. Grilled by people much older, and not wiser when it comes to social media.

Sitting there was probably worse for him, than sitting in a theatre years ago and watching a movie portray him as a lousy person.

If Facebook died today, it’s legacy would be fake news, fake privacy and fake users.

You can blame him all you want, but when you think about it, we have become the perfect target for fake, because we live it every day with each post.

Remember, many of you called this ‘Fakebook’ well before some guy named Boris in Moscow posted a story.

Fake, fake, fake!

That’s the picture of your kid on a college tour at Harvard even though they’d be lucky to get in to a state school.

It’s the picture of one big happy family, that’s far from happy.  Remember the Turpin’s from California? 

How many of you photoshop the hell out of your selfies, just in case an “ex” is poking around to see what you look like?

We live the fake, so that’s why we’ve accepted the fake, no matter where it comes from.

Man, now is the time to sell a bridge, the everglades or snake oil on Facebook because business would be great!

Don’t you wish we could just go back to the days of Myspace and “Tom”.  It was just easier, and you just felt “Tom“ had your back.

Today, I bet ‘Zuck’ wishes he could turn back the clock and wish his face wasn’t on this very real chapter in history.

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