MUGSHOTS: Over 200 arrested in sex trade stings in first quarter of year, HPD says

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HOUSTON— The Houston Police Department Vice Division released the booking photos of 200 suspects arrested for either compelling prostitution or solicitation of prostitution for the first three months of 2018.

"The first thing I get from a lot of people in a lot of communities, and some of them will say this is a victimless crime, it's the oldest profession, why don't we legalize prostitution, women are doing this on their own volition, this is a service they're providing to the men, and they couldn't be more wrong," said Capt. James Dale, HPD Vice Division.

The mugshots were of those arrested from January 1 through March 31.

HPD Vice Division Captain James Dale stated, “We hope by publishing these suspects' photos we will raise awareness of the issue that is human trafficking and put the community on notice that we will no longer tolerate these crimes in our neighborhoods.”

The photos are just the first step of solving the bigger issue of all forms of buying and selling sex in and around our community.

"When we look at efforts to diminish demand, work with men who have been on this stair step, this escalation, maybe viewing pornography to going to strip clubs and ultimately buying sex, it's crucial that we diminish demand," said Joe Madison of Love People, Not Pixels.




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