Riding bikes to back the badge

PASADENA - Hitting the road for a good cause. Nearly 100 bikes rolled from Pasadena to North Houston trying to raise money and awareness for the 100 Club.

That's an organization designed to help families of first responders and emergency workers who perish in the line of duty.

Organizer Bryan Miller says,  "I don't go out there everyday...these guys need a safety net... they go out there and do a dangerous job whether it is law enforcement, fire and the 100 club, if something happens to them in the line of duty, the club comes in and helps take care of their families. They take care of the dependents."

The ride has been an annual event for the past 11 years... and raises more than 50,000 dollars each time.

People who'd like to donate to the cause can give through the organization's website. Revving up to give, whether on a bike or on a PC, seems like a winning way to go.