Notorious spouse killer Clara Harris set to be released from prison next month

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HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — Clara Harris, the former Friendswood dentist who went to prison for killing her cheating husband, about to taste freedom.

"I'm glad she's getting out, and I hope she lands on her two feet," her former defense attorney George Parnham told NewsFix.

Who could forget the harrowing footage of Clara running over her husband, David Harris, in a Mercedes back in 2002— a scene that was later reenacted in a TV drama.

Harris had cornered her husband with his mistress at the Clear Lake Hilton, and her own private investigator videotaped the crime of her running over the accused philanderer three times in the parking lot!

"She got a hold of Lindsey [David Harris' daughter] and then proceeded to hit the automobile, and went through the automobiles, and David was killed," Parnham explained.

Adding to the hysteria of the tragedy, Harris' step-daughter was in the car with her as she kept running over the girl's father.

Clara was sentenced to 20 years for a manslaughter conviction, but after serving 15 years as a reported model inmate, she was granted parole last year.

"And I can see Clara in that role," Parnham added.

Now she has less than a month left in the big house before being released from a unit in Gatesville near Waco on May 11.

"She is a professional," Parnham said. "She is, I think, a likable person, and I only wish the very best for her."

Back in 2002, the world was a very different place with no rampant social media to track high-profile cases or comment on cheating spouses.

So now, after paying her debt to society, Clara is just weeks away from a homecoming— and returning to a very different world than what she left behind.

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