VIDEO: Workers try to catch baboons that escaped research facility in San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — San Antonio residents were surprise to find a group of baboons wondering the streets after the creatures escaped the local chronic and infectious disease facility. the animals weren't contagious in this case — but definitely on the run!

Jannelle Bouton saw one of the four baboons who broke through a fencing barrier at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute.

"All of a sudden, this brown, big mass pops out of the bushes," Bouton said. "The fact that they have had a medical mask— on and it's a wild animal [...] you just want to know what they're doing is safe."

The team of masked workers sent to round up and return the runaways had a hard time trapping the baboons.

"You could tell that they were— they were panicking because they didn't want them to get hurt. And they were trying their best to quarantine him, but that kind of animal, he wasn't having it," Bouton said.

Bouton recorded the primate crossing roads and darting in and out of the bushes.

"The baboon stopped, and at one point, was just looking and then darted into the bushes and these guys are frazzled. They are freaking out," Bouton said.

Finally, the baboons were quarantined and returned back to the lab. Research officials are scratching their heads trying to figure just how these animals escaped their locked areas.