Sketch released of man wanted after local nurse stabbed, called racial slurs on ‘Punish a Muslim Day’

HOUSTON — The Harris County Sheriff's Office released a sketch Thursday of the suspect wanted after a local nurse was stabbed and insulted with racial slurs on Punish a Muslim Day.

The victim was driving in the 10000 block of Huffmeister Road on the morning of April 5 when she was sideswiped by an oncoming red SUV, deputies said.

When the victim got out of her vehicle to review any damages to her vehicle, the SUV pulled up next to her. Investigators said a man stepped out of the SUV and yelled racial and religious slurs including the N-word, “desert monkey” and the highly derogatory term raghead.

When the victim tried to get back in her vehicle, the attacker began waving a knife in her face and hit her with the handle on her shoulder and arms.


A person in the attacker’s SUV tried to restrain him, but he managed to stab the nurse in the arm, severing an artery and resulting in loss of blood— some of which got on the attacker.

The attacker’s passenger managed to get him back into the SUV, and they left the scene.

The victim returned to her hospital and had the artery cauterized and the wound stitched.

Both the attacker and his passenger are described as being 20 to 35 years of age. The attacker has tattoos on his arms and neck, deputies said.