Caught on Camera: Angry shopper attacks teen girl with Chef Boyardee can

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NEW YORK — Why would a grown man attack a 14-year-old girl with a Chef Boyardee can?

The New York Police Department has released surveillance video from a Bronx grocery store showing a suspect tossing a can at a helpless teen customer.

Her outraged parents are speaking out, though concealing their identities.

"That's my daughter!" the victim's dad declared. "To pick up a weapon and the intentions of that to a little girl, which you had to have seen was a lot younger than you, is just not called for!"

The girl's mom said the man apparently had a problem with how his teenage victim and her friends said "excuse me" going down the aisle of the crowded store.

"I want you to say 'excuse me' the right way," the mom reported the suspect saying.

Now authorities are calling the culprit the Chef Boyardee bandit, but his handiwork caused a pretty serious injury— hitting the teen girl in the back of her head!

"It was an inch from cracking her skull. She had to get eight staples," the victim's mom said. "She can't get certain hairstyles. She can't comb her hair a certain way. And, she's gonna have a scar for the rest of her life."

The incident happened early last month, but NYPD is just now releasing footage in hopes someone can help identify the can-crazy thug.

Police hope to find the culprit and bring him to justice.

But until he's off the streets, New Yorkers might want to steer clear of the cans at the grocery store!

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