How old is old? Recent study says 41

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HOUSTON — It's one of life's most existential questions: at what age does one officially reach old person status?

It's out with the new and in with old at the ripe young age of 41, according a recent study. The results added the descent into oldness begins at 41 years old and reaches rock bottom at 57.

Go ahead! Use the Am I As Old As Dirt test on yourself. Research suggests these are the top ways to tell if a walker may be in your near future.

  • Do the words "back in my day leave your lips like way too much?
  • Find yourself asking the 20-something next to you to help with that heavy package because you're worried about your back?
  • Maybe it's hard to find your glasses since your eyesight not quite what it used to be?
  • Is there often a name at the tip of your tongue? One you can't seem to remember

Man, getting old sucks! Um, wait...what were we talking about?

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