Missing Persons Day in Harris County

Houston, TX--The search continues to locate "Missing Persons" in Harris County.

The county hosted it's annual Missing Persons Day Event at the Barbara Jordan School of Public Affairs, in efforts to assist families on their search for a loved one.

Rhonda Hughes joins the group for the first time in a last effort to continue the search for her brother, Kevin Ray Boney. Although Boney was last seen ten years ago, Hughes tell us it's therapeutic and comforting to be around other families going through the same thing. After a decade of silence she's able to hold on to one thing. Hope.

"You never wanna give up until you actually have a final word. Until there is a final word, there will always be hope", said Rhonda Hughes

Deana Hebert's one year old daughter was taken back in 1995 by her father. He reportedly fled to Mexico leaving a mother without her child for twenty three years.

"People can go missing for all kinds of reasons... alot of people don't realize the impact of partial abductions.. because they think the child is safe with the other parent and that is not always the case", said Deana Herbert

Faced with long odds to find their loved ones these families still hold out hope some obscure lead will help give them the closure they so desperately want.