9-year-old New Hampshire girl chases down purse snatcher

MANCHESTER, N.H. — One thief messed with the wrong family, and now 9-year-old Kylene Demers is taking a stand against the bad guys. Kylene and her grandmother were just getting back home from lunch in Manchester, New Hampshire, when they were robbed in broad daylight.

Little did the thief know he would have an unexpected fighter on his hands. "We go home, she steps right out of the car, one foot out, man comes running in, pulls the rest of her body out. Grabs her purse and starts to run. Starts to run, tries to get on a bike, falls to the ground, I start to chase him,” Demers said.

Kylene said her heart was beating so fast.

“It was racing," she said. "I didn't even know what to say. I wanted my mom, that's pretty much all I wanted.”

She was determined to get her grandmothers purse back.

“There's money in there, there's her driver license. She has some bank cards, stuff like that. Her phone was in there, so she had to get a new phone,” Demers said.

Now she's feeling a little uneasy. "Every time I go down the alley I’m looking behind myself like because that person ran down the alley,” Demers said. Although she didn't get the purse back she's proud of how she reacted, and she has a message for the man that got away.

"Give that back or they will find you and they will catch you. Every time somebody does something bad they will always catch you,” Demers said.