Shhh… Don’t Say The “A” Word: Houston mom’s inspirational journey & guide to raising a child with autism

HOUSTON -- April is Autism Awareness Month, but it's more than just a month. Autism affects families every month and every day.

Someone who knows all about this is mom and author, Brooke Cheyenne Adibi.  Brooke has many accomplishments in her life, but she says her biggest accomplishment of all is her son Elijah. Brooke takes pride in motherhood and even more pride in being a mother to a child that has autism.

Brooke's son was diagnosed with autism, and through her experiences and journey as an autism mom she decided to create a guide and set a platform to help all autism parents.  She recently released her first book, Shhh… Don’t Say The “A” Word.

CW39 Houston's Maggie Flecknoe sat down with Brooke to talk about her inspirational book and her passion to spread "autism love to all".

For more on how to get your own copy of Shhh… Don’t Say The “A” Word, click here.