Critter News: Texas residents help round up escaped mini-pony, monkey court in San Francisco — and so much more! 

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HALTOM CITY, Texas — Police in this Fort Worth suburb pulled up on an unusual sight in their neighborhood— a miniature pony on the prowl!

The galloping guy made his way all over the 'hood, too.

You know what that makes a cowboy want to do? Well, it made this little pardner pull out his lasso and help police corral the little critter.

"He's right there, Ma'am," 17-year-old rodeo competitor Colby Caudle told an officer who was in hot pursuit of the escaped pony.

But roping ain't so easy from a patrol car!Eventually, though, some neighbors cornered the little horse, and he was roped in after all!'s a court case in San Francisco driving a photographer bananas!

"Monkey see, monkey sue will not do in Federal court," the photographer's attorney Andrew Duhey announced in the court room.

Yeah, this Crested Macaque monkey named Naruto took these famous selfie's with a wildlife photographer's camera.

"Making a different face each time he did it," PETA attorney Jeff Kerr said.

And that's why animal rights group PETA wants Naruto to receive the profits from his hard work.

But there's just one problem with all this monkey business.

"The monkey does not have standing to go into federal court to sue for copyright infringement," Duhey revealed from an appellate court's ruling.

Oh, well! Maybe Naruto will get an extra banana for his handiwork.

Next up, Easter may be over, but eggs are still the rage at the Houston Zoo!

That's because they're hatching some pretty special chicks. The extremely endangered Attwater's Prairie Chick is the first to hatch this season at the zoo.

It's estimated there are less than 100 of these rare birds left in the wild.

But thanks to little chicks like this one, hopefully, Attwater's Prairie Chickens won't disappear.

Finally, here's something for the kids.

Well, make that about the kids as in these adorable baby goats in Cumberland, Maine.

"Babies are popping out everywhere, but we love it," Hope Hall of Sunflower Farm said. "I look forward to it all winter long, seeing those little faces again."

Yeah, Mary may have a little lamb, but this goat lady has lots of little kids with four dozen babies just born on the farm!

And that's not kidding around!

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