Korean barista goes viral with amazing coffee creations of art….all on top of a latte

SEOUL, South Korea - Coffee lovers,  do you ever dream of getting lost in your latte?

You can when this Korean barista,  Kang-Bin Lee,  stirs up amazing masterpieces of art using the creamy, frothy side of his coffee cup.

Lee's multi-layered art is so elaborate it's become known as 'creamart.'

Lee's eye-popping work has gone viral, too, earning him over 200,000 Instagram followers around the world. He's even recreated iconic masterworks of art from Da Vinci to Van Gogh! He doesn't stop there because Lee even breathes life into popular TV and movie figures in his cup of Joe!

Lee's been filling his latte with lots of creations for so long, he now even teaches 'creamart' to students at a university in Seoul.

The problem is, he creates lattes so beautiful, you may feel guilty about drinking it up. Oh, well.....there's nothing wrong with letting a little latte linger!