NewsFix in Space: NASA names the smelliest planet, Northern Lights seen from space, and a mystery near the Arctic?

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Scientists are making a big stink about a new study because it suggests there's a planet that smells just like rotten eggs.

Yep, you guessed it. It's Uranus.

The study used a spectrometer on NASA's Gemini Telescope in Hawaii to spot the planet's cloud cover.

It found clouds in the planet's atmosphere are composed of 'hydrogen sulfide' - the same molecule that makes rotten eggs stink.

You've got to admit,  the planet even looks like a giant egg.

Uranus is only 1.6 billion miles away, so when they say it stinks to high heaven, they aren't kidding!

Scientists say anyone setting foot on the icy planet would first die of suffocation and its minus 200 Degree atmosphere.

Now that...really stinks!

A lot closer to home.....ever wonder what the Aurora Borealis looks like from space? NASA dialed up the Northern Lights over North America from northern space.

What an awesome sight from NASA's Suomi satellite this week.

Finally, here's a mystery baffling some of the smartest people on our planet.

NASA scientists discovered three spots,  or holes in the ice,  in the Beaufort Sea near the Arctic Ocean.

This photograph was taken by NASA's Operation Icebridge.

Scientists say the holes are patches of thin ice, but they've never seen this before.

Could it be something trying to breathe below the ice, or maybe something extraterrestrial???


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