What’s you state’s favorite Marvel movie?

HOUSTON — Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters tomorrow— who’s ready?

Of course, you could binge watch every Marvel movie to prepare yourself. But that would take 1 day 14 hours and 17 minutes to catch up, since you have to sit through the credits, too! Or simply check for your states favorite on the map of most Googled marvel movies and call it a day.

From the East Coast to Maine, Iron Man, leader of the Avengers, leads the way as the most desired movie franchise.

Thor, the lumber jack, takes Montana and North Dakota.

While the Incredible Hulk takes most of the southern and mid-west portions of the United States.

Leaving just enough room for a Black Panther win in Georgia and Maryland.

But Texas, good old American Texans says Captain America has to be the best.

Regardless, Avengers: Infinity War will be a battle for the ages. See you at the movies!