Migrant caravan at United State’s doorstep— but there’s no welcome mat

TIJUANA, Mexico -  About a hundred migrants from Central America are camped out along the U.S.-Mexico border in Tijuana seeking asylum on our side.  President Trump`s instructions to homeland security sound a lot like a computer program when you`ve lost your password. ACCESS DENIED!

Last month more than a thousand people made their way through Mexico to avoid persecution, poverty and violence back home, despite Trump telling Mexico to block their entry.

International law requires our country consider asylum claims. But U.S. customs and border patrol are telling the migrants the port of entry has reached capacity.  And so they wait — south of the border.

Naemeh Salem is an immigration lawyer familiar with the situation. "In this caravan, most of the people are ladies with their children or unaccompanied minors. A lot of the people that are coming from central America are being abused by their spouse. They have a domestic relationship that is violent and that`s why they are coming here."

And while the president is keeping an eye on the situation, he's making his feelings quite clear about our laws.  "Just look at our southern border and look at our weak and obsolete immigration laws. They are obsolete and they are weak and they are pathetic. But we have to have changes in congress and we have to have it quickly. We need a wall."

Over the weekend Trump said he`s willing to shut down the government for a third time this year if he doesn`t get funding his border wall.  In the meantime, it`s not clear if or when any asylum claims will be processed for those fleeing places like El Salvador and Honduras.

Salem says, "When they are allowed into our country, they need to ask for an asylum officer to give them what is called a credible fear interview. They need to tell this officer why they are afraid to go back to their country. Why they are coming here. Why they are seeking refuge."

The president may never get his border wall, but the migrant caravan may have already hit one.

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