Soldiers speak out after being berated by customer at Walmart in Galleria area

HOUSTON - U.S. Army staff sergeants Santevius Davis and Linda Bates aren't used to being heckled at.

"I was taken aback," Bates said. "We go out a lot here in Houston as recruiters, and for the most part, Houstonians are very supportive of the military."

Recently, at the Walmart near South Rice and Westpark, a customer started berating the soldiers, calling them killers, saying America was messed up because of the military, and also claiming the army sticks its nose where it doesn't belong.

"Before you paint everyone with one brush, you have to look at what we're doing," Davis said. "We're doing this to help people out. There's over 200 jobs in the army, not everybody picks up a rifle and goes shooting people. I, myself, work with computers. My partner, Linda Bates, she's in human resources. We have any kind of job you can think of. We all fight for the same goal, which is the freedom for him to come and say the things he said without anything crazy happening to him, but there's more to it than that."

Davis and Bates reacted calmly with the customer. They currently serve at the Sharpstown Army Recruiting Center.

Walmart told NewsFix in a statement, "We strive to maintain a safe environment and create an enjoyable shopping experience for every customer."