Sumo wrestlers face off with their babies

JAPAN -- The persistent crying of a baby can be enough to drive some people crazy. Most people coddle and hush their babies to keep them from doing just that, but at a bizarre contest in Japan, a crying baby is the sweet sound of victory.

More than 100 babies squared off in a ring Sunday in an annual competition where hulking sumo wrestlers hold them and try to make them cry.

The 400-year-old Japanese tradition at the Nakizumo Festival, or "Crying Baby" festival, is believed to bring good health to the infants, and the one who bawls first is the winner.

It begins with a baby entering the ring with a sumo wrestler. The first baby to cry in the ring wins and moves on to the next round. Some babies cry from the very start. Others need a little those cases, the wrestlers try jostling the baby. When that doesn't work, scare tactics are used by wearing scary masks.

A referee from the festival says, "In Japan, we have a saying-- "a crying baby grows well." So, we make babies cry. The louder the cry, the better they grow."

We'll let Japan have this festival for themselves.