Team Rubicon begins Harvey rebuilding mission

Hurricane Harvey's aftermath took a toll on so many around the Bayou City, but Team Rubicon is here to the rescue.

Team Rubicon is a nonprofit organization offering veterans a chance to continue their service by helping those afflicted by disasters, and also themselves. They are full-time staff and volunteers, and with their partners at SBP and friends in the community, they are on a mission to help rebuild adequate living situations for those displaced by the storm.

Monday marks the seventh anniversary of Team Rubicon's first ever "mission completed" in helping families rebuild. It's also on this special day that Estela Beaudreault is celebrating a Welcome Home party with Team Rubicon, as her house is the first of 100 homes to be rebuilt and refurbished in Houston by the organization.

Hurricane Harvey flooded Estela Beaudreault’s home with two feet of water. She attempted to repair her home but the additional expenses due to Harvey led to financial barriers. Team Rubicon stepped in, cleared out, and then rebuilt her home.

To join or support Team Rubicon’s mission, visit