WalletHub ranks best and worst entry level jobs of 2018

HOUSTON — It's that wonderful time of the year where folks new to the workforce are looking for jobs, but finding the best job for your goals isn't the easiest thing to do. Wallet-Hub  ranks the best and worst 109 entry level jobs of 2018.

Engineering jobs top the list with systems engineering being number one of all followed by web developers coming in at number five. Then down to secretary at 43, electrician at 76 and all the way at the bottom, welding came in last on the list.

"It's pretty typical, especially for the industries named such as anything in the network, data management, architect roles, being as some of the best,” Career Coach and Founder of Full Circle Recuiting Kewa Forde said.

“As far as some of the worst, it's also pretty typical — manual labor, lower pay ad less opportunities for growth,” Forde said.

Opportunity for growth, industry demand and job hazards play a part. The findings also include salary, long-term career opportunities and stability.

"You want to consider everything you've done so far in your career as far as academic successes, projects that you've done, internships that you've had,” Founder Natasha Ferguson of GotHired said.  “You want to really understand what your personal brand is and what value you bring to the marketplace today.”