Alabama mom discovers child predator’s package sent to her young daughter

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AUBURN, Ala. — Just when you thought it was safe to open a package, parents may need to think again. That's because some creepy child predator is targeting little girls!

"It's terrifying. I don't want her to be out of my sight right now," mom Jena Willingham said after discovering the disturbing package sent to her young daughter.

Willingham's daughter began receiving travel brochures in the mail last December. Then a creepy package with a half eaten doughnut, $3 and a cryptic letter from some guy named Artur Bhuck of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The writer claimed to be a bullied 14-year-old boy who wanted the young girl to email him back.

After the family reported the package to authorities— they discovered they weren't alone!

The disturbing, dirty delivery seems to be targeting many girls all over the country!

"It freaked me out again to know it wasn't isolated," Willingham remarked. "She wasn't the only one. There were lots of girls he was doing this to. I think the other kids were getting theirs at school, but ours came to our house."

Now the FBI has issued a child predator alert across the southeast region of the U.S. and the hunt is on to locate the creepy stalker.

Investigators have learned more than 50 packages have been sent by the account tied to the creep's email— all targeting specific minor girls at elementary schools in New Jersey, South Carolina, Virginia and Alabama.

Agents even traced the I-P address to websites where the predator discusses girls' underwear.

"She came in, and she cried. My husband talked about it and was like, 'I'm not going to let anything happen to you. You're safe with us, and the police are going to take care of this now,'" Willingham said. "So we know that this is a bad man."

Perhaps authorities will send him on a special jail!

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