Bear destroys Florida family’s SUV

A bear is on the loose in Seminole County Florida and left one family a bit of a mess after getting trapped inside their SUV.

"He was trying to get out every way possible, so he was clawing out the ceiling liner here, ripped this all down, which then started tearing apart the air ducts and the electrical. He ate the head rest, or part of it,” said Rikki Koberg.

The bear is causing quite a stir in the community.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission believes this same bear is responsible for injuring a Yorkie and entering a house killing a Poodle.

"I don't think she has any fear at all at this point, which concerns us greatly,” said Mike Orlando from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

"The bear ran up a set of stairs in order to get up to the enclosure, ripped the enclosure down and went inside to get the dog,” dog owner Rick Mann said.

The FWC is also following up on a report that a bear got into an unlocked minivan. All of these incidents have been in the same area.

“She's doing a bunch of things that bears just don't normally do. Breaking into cars, attacking dogs, going into garages, those are already rare things for bears,” Orlando said.

There are two traps set up in the area and the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is patrolling the streets, advising everyone to keep their garages closed and car doors locked.

“When bear crosses over to this type of behavior we really have to try catch up with her,” Orlando added.