Harris County commissioners to ask governor for special election for bonds to fund flood-mitigation projects

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HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - If there's one thing we can agree on it's that we don't want another hurricane Harvey.  Problem is we cannot yet control the weather.  The hope is, we can control the flooding.

On Tuesday, Harris County Commissioners voted to ask governor Gregg Abbott for a special election specifically to fund flood control projects throughout the county. The election is slated for August 25— a date that may ring a bell.

"I think it's got a certain sex appeal to it," says Judge Ed Emmett. "On the one year anniversary of Harvey we're not going to be sitting still, we're going to be fighting back."

Commissioners want voters to approve a massive bond referendum that could be as much as $2.5 billion.  The project specifics are still under discussion, but multiple agencies will be involved in deciding, including the Harris County Flood Control District.

Russ Poppe is the executive director.

"August 25 will give us enough time to develop a list and I think we'll have to work on the logistics of how we gain the public input to make sure we've got the right list of projects," Poppe said.

Passing the bond referendum could mean an increase in property taxes for county residents. The judge promises complete transparency in the weeks and months ahead.

"This is about more than Harvey. This is about the future," Poppe said.

In other words, the bond referendum will not be just about making Harvey reparations, but it will also be about making long-term preparations.

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