Yellow submarine stolen, taken for joyride

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OAKLAND, Calif. — In the Golden State of California, it's the curious case of the yellow submarine — not the psychedelic cartoon made famous by The Beatles. A homemade submarine, named "Fang Tooth," disappeared from the Berkeley Marina and ended up in the water near the Bay Bridge. So, how did it end up in open water?

"Somebody stole it and took it for a joyride we believe," said submarine owner Shanee Stopnitzky.

Hmmm...could it have been the Blue Meanies?!

The two-person sub goes 30 feet deep and is used for the volunteer Community Submersibles Project.

"One of my biggest concerns is if someone might kill themselves in it," said Stopnitzky. "It's a simple set of systems, but you still need knowledge of how submarines work."

Now, the owner's biggest problem is, scraping together $2,000 to get "Fang Tooth" out of the impound lot. Only then will she be able to live a life of ease, in her yellow submarine.

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