Does your dog need Prozac? More dog, cat owners giving their pets anxiety medication 

HOUSTON — Ever wondered what exactly the family dog does when you're not around? Make loud screeching sounds? Chew on— like, everything? Or just sit in one spot and wait for their human to return?

Did you know experts say this type behavior could actually be a sign of depression and antidepressant medication might be needed.

Now, depression diagnosis in pets are on the rise.

The market research firm Packaged Facts says 8% of dog owners and 6% of cat owners medicated their animal for anxiety and calming purposes  in 2017.

With the 107 million households in the U.S. living with one or the other, that's a whole lot of doped up furry friends!

Leaving the question: does your puppy really need Prozac to make them happy or not?