Spring ISD principal reprimanded for inappropriate comment about special needs child

SPRING, Texas — The principal of a Spring elementary school has apologized for what the school district is calling a "thoughtless and insensitive" comment.

"Not to say she's not a good principal, but she needs to rethink some of the things she says and she does," Eddye Tealer said.

Spring ISS said Ponderosa Elementary School Principal Shanna Swearingen was in a small group meeting with other staff members discussing a student's behavior when it happened.

The school has a special needs student — who also happens to be African-American — and the child is known for running away from staff. Apparently, a faculty member said they would call the police the next time it happened, and that's when Swearingen chimed in with "yes, and tell them he has a gun."

The remark isn't sitting well with some people.

"Not a good comment to be making about a special needs kid," John O'Connor said.

Tealer added, "She should have been more apt to the kid running away and his safety as opposed to threatening him and putting fear on him."

In a statement, the superintendent Dr. Rodney E. Watson wrote, "I was extremely concerned, too, when I heard about the comment and want to reassure everyone that strong disciplinary action was taken on this issue."

The district won't say what that action is, only that Swearingen has not been terminated.

"I mean she went to school for a reason and she should have been more apt to control the situation as opposed to flaring it up to this point," Tealer said. ]

So, today's lesson? Think before you speak!