Critter News: Houston SPCA overrun with kittens, alligators on the prowl, and a very old dog learns a new trick!

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HOUSTON - The Houston SPCA is coughing up fur balls!

Well, not really, but they are hosting a baby shower for dozens of cute-as-can-be kittens.

The adorable furry felines need lots of TLC, and that's why HSPCA is asking the public for help.

The little kitties are eating up a storm, so anyone who can volunteer to help feed the hungry kittens or just donate some supplies will be a welcomed sight.

In fact, your help would be the cat's meow!

Up next, what a croc!

Well, actually, it's an alligator in New Orleans who wandered onto a golf course during the PGA and had to be chased into a pond.

Guess that's par for the course!

And in Florida, a 10-foot gator who visited a middle school, probably not to study.

Ah, well...see ya later, alligator!

Every critter's friend-- the legendary Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin-- now has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

"We proudly unveil this star in memory of Steve Irwin!" an announcer called out as fans cheered.

Irwin may be gone, but his legacy lives on through his devoted family.

"I'm gonna get a little bit emotional because it's such a special day," a tearful Bindi Irwin told the crowd as she remembered her father. She pledged to keep his causes alive for conservation and more.

Even Steve Irwin's favorite snake made the trek to celebrate the star!

Finally, who says you can't teach an old dog a new trick?

In the Land Down Under, this sweet 17-year-old Australian Blue Healer named Max really is a healer— and a life saver!

When little three-year-old Aurora wandered off alone into the Australian Bushland, Max followed her and stayed with Aurora for 16 hours as chilly temps set in and it began to rain.

The next day, Max led a family search party to the little girl on a hillside.

All that despite old Max being deaf and even partly blind!

The Queensland Police praised Max and made him an honorary police dog!

What a doggone hero!

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