Faith is helping to heal the wounds in Sutherland Springs

SUTHERLAND SPRINGS, Texas -  "Six months ago today, the community saw...unspeakable evil." That's what Senator Ted Cruz said when referring to a gunman shot and killed 26 people during Sunday morning service in Sutherland Springs. Half of them were children.

Helen Biesenbach has been a member of the church since the late 80's. She wasn't there that tragic day, but like everyone else in the town, she knows some who were.

Helen says, "Life has changed but believe you me this is a strong community."

The small First Baptist Church seen by the world in the midst of tragedy is now a memorial for the town to remember those who were lost.

"Keep those memories in our heart...because..we will never forget."

Six months later, the sound of sirens aren't on church grounds, instead there's a sound of healing as church members continue to move forward.

"Today is a new beginning.....Evil is not going to win."

Reverend Frank Pomeroy who lost his daughter in the shooting is baptizing people for the first time on this hollow ground.

With a rebirth of faith, the same could be said with a new church which is planned to be rebuilt on the site, showing just how powerful faith can be.

Senator Cruz added,  "As the eyes of the world focused on Sutherland Springs, this community ,this church, the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs showed the world the love of Jesus Christ"