Bizarre activity caught on camera: Troopers fish suspect out of lake; cop pulls gun on man he thought was stealing Mentos

AUSTIN, Texas - DPS troopers stopped a guy driving a pick-up in west Austin on Sunday. For some unknown reason, the guy sped off.  Troopers chased him for about 45 minutes and when the suspect realized he couldn't out-run 'em, the knucklehead tried to out-swim 'em.

He jumped in Lady Bird Lake.

When the Austin PD lake patrol pulled up next to him, he refused to get in the boat.  It took about 20 minutes, but they finally fished him out, and took him into custody.

DPS is still submerged in the investigation.

In California, an off-duty police officer is under fire for pulling his gun on a man he thought was stealing.

While his wife waits in the car, surveillance video shows Jose Arreola clearly pay for a roll of Mentos candy at a gas station convenience store before pocketing his purchase.  It all goes down before an off-duty cop in Buena Park walks in,  immediately draws his gun,  and accuses the customer of stealing.

The exchange between the off-duty cop and the clerk can be heard on the tape:

Cop: "Get your cash and leave! Did he pay for this?"

Clerk: "Yea."

Cop: "He paid for it?"

Clerk: "Yeah."

Cop: "Are you sure?

Clerk: "Uh huh."

Cop:  "My apologies. My apologies."

Jose Arreola says, "It was his arrogance,  his way of talking to me, treating me like a piece of trash."

It happened in mid-March. The Arreolas filed a complaint the next day.   They hope to figure out a settlement and the officer involved gets better training.

"When one or two do bad things, it just reflects on the whole department."

One man's small mart experience becomes a big "INconvenience" store purchase.

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