HSCO sheriffs, Good Samaritans speak after dramatic rescue of man threatening to jump from overpass

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - Dramatic video recorded Sunday as a man's life hangs in the balance, literally, on the I-45 overpass at Richey Road.

"It was evident that he was determined to jump," Senior Deputy Jessie Leal said.

Deputy Rebecca Cruz adds, "I immediately ran towards him and that's when he let go of his leg and was hanging by his fingertips."

Today, the two Harris county sheriff`s deputies and a good Samaritan were recognized for helping to save a life. Here's how things unfolded on the overpass.

"When I arrive to the scene and you see that situation, you don`t think too much," Good Samaritan Eustorgio Garcia-Flores said. "You just see how you can help to save a life."

MUST-SEE VIDEO: Good Samaritans rescue man moments before he jumps off North Freeway overpass 

Cruz and Leal approached from opposite sides. Cruz says, "We didn't even speak to each other. We acted within seconds."

The deputies grabbed onto the man by any means possible.  Leal says, "He did fight a little bit, he was dangling.  We were able to manage to bring him over, by the grace of God."

With super-human efforts at play up top, super humanity was on display below.  At least 15 total strangers gathered with blankets.  "Some even got a truck to help catch this guy," Leal said. "They`re the real heroes."

Once deputies had the troubled man on terra firma, he still resisted.

"They guy was like scared, breathing so hard, trying to cry," says Garcia-Flores. "That's when he gave me the hand and I gave it to officer Cruz and she finally did the handcuffs. I think it`s time to talk good things about police officers. These are the people who take care of us. Who are there when we call them."

The unidentified man was taken to Ben Taub for a psych evaluation. Sheriff Ed Gonzalez says a formal ceremony is in the works to recognize all of Sunday`s heroes, those with or without a badge.

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