Milwaukee police officers removed from active duty after violent take-down of suspect who may have mental health issues

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MILWAUKEE, Wis. — Milwaukee, also known as "Cream City", may be living up to its nickname thanks to video from last week involving several cops and one 25-year-old man.

Video shows Demetrius Lowe is getting creamed by police.  Four officers have been disciplined, but Lowe`s family wants them fired. Relatives say he was in the midst of a mental health crisis and didn`t deserve such violent treatment.  If anything, they believe the police deserve better training to handle mental health issues.

His aunt, Frana Lowe, insists their family's outrage has nothing to do with the color of anyone`s skin.  "Especially because there was African American cops as well as Caucasian cops that struck him."

Lowe`s girlfriend called 911 last Wednesday saying Lowe was being violent and might have been drugged.  Police body cam video shows their first encounter with him.  "Get on the ground now!"

Lowe did punch an officer and run off. Once they caught him, he lashed out again. Then police hit his legs repeatedly with batons.  "He wasn't in his right mind," says his cousin Shanikqua Stokes. "Clearly, you can see that from the video."

Even after the take-down, police punch, kick, and taser him.  "After they beat him to within inches of his life, they silenced us," says Frana Lowe. "They made us unable to visit him in the hospital."

One officer has been suspended.  Three are on desk-duty while the department investigates.

Meanwhile, suing the police department is the one thing Lowe`s family is investigating.

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