Organization awards HISD teacher $5,000 for being Texas’ top teacher

HOUSTON — An HISD teacher got a well-deserved surprise!

Joshua Martin is a first year, first grade teacher at Frost Elementary in south Houston. He, like most teachers nowadays, teaches everything from science to social studies.

Well, congrats to him! Because he was recently voted Texas' top teacher and awarded $5,000 for his win.

Mentors or school principals nominated some 168 teachers in the Lone Star State, which was narrowed down to six finalists.

The public was then asked to vote among the top six with Martin receiving the most votes— 16,197 of the 36,660 votes cast. Very nice!

NewsFix sat down with him on Thursday to ask him how he does it all.

"When I come to school every day, my main goal and purpose is to make sure to set my students up to be successful," Martin said. "Tomorrow is never promised and as long as you know you put your all into something, and you're doing the right thing, that's what matters the most."

He has one last piece of advice:

"Whatever happens in the past does not determine your future," he added. "You always get a second chance to start over."

Martin suffered destruction from Hurricane Harvey, like many of his students did, so he's thankful and says this money will go a long way to help recovery.

Well, done Mr. Martin! Definitely A+ material!