Houston check cashing store robbed three times this year; manager dragged back to store at gunpoint in one incident

HOUSTON — Talk about work hazards! A manager at Senor Check Cashing is back at work after being held at gunpoint in the store's third robbery this year.

The latest robbery took place around 8:45 pm Monday after the branch manager closed the store and left for the day.

Unfortunately, while driving home, his vehicle was cornered on a bridge near John F. Kennedy Boulevard and ambushed with gunfire.

Investigators said the assailant then jumped in the car and forced James over to the passenger seat. He then drove him around to dark places for a half-hour before returning to the branch.

After the robber forced his way into the safe, he made off with an undisclosed amount of money.

Zishan Quereshi, the company's chief operating officer, is concerned by the robberies at their E. Little York  and Lawndale locations, and believes the hold ups could be connected.

They are asking for the communities help to get these confident crooks off the street.