Convicted killer Clara Harris released from prison

HOUSTON — One of the most infamous female convicts in America has been set free!

"I feel sorry for her. I feel sorry for her children," former Blue Moon Investigations P.I. Bobbi Bacha said.

Clara Harris, a former Friendswood dentist and mother of twins, walked out of the Crain Unit in Gatesville Friday morning after serving 15 years of a 20-year prison sentence for killing her husband, David Harris.

In 2002, Clara ran over her husband in her Mercedes after catching him with his alleged mistress at a Clear Lake hotel.

Harris was convicted for manslaughter, but some say she got away with murder.

"She had all the king's horses and all the king's men trying to make everyone think that this was an accident, and it was not an accident," Bacha insisted after Harris had employed Bacha's Blue Moon investigators to set up surveillance on her cheating husband.

The case drew international attention-- and even Oprah herself interviewed Harris behind bars!

"It's going to be a not necessarily difficult transition, but it's going to be hard for her," Harris' former defense attorney George Parnham told NewsFix.

Harris' twin boys were just 4 years old when she was convicted in 2003.

Now Clara, a native of Colombia, will get to see her boys on the outside all grown up.

But Harris must stay away from her husband's family members, including his daughter, Lindsey, who helped prosecutors put away her stepmom.

In court, prosecutors said Lindsey had "a front row sea" to her father's murder.

"There's so many victims to this crime, it's not just David Harris," Bacha added.

Now, 15 years behind bars have taken a toll on the once well-to-do dentist.

Harris faces five years of parole, wearing an electronic ankle bracelet, drug and alcohol testing, and staying 'gainfully employed' in Galveston County.

As the prison gate opened in Gatesville, a smiling Clara Harris walked out a free woman.

She got into a grey SUV, received a warm, big hug and drove off to a very uncertain future.

Will Clara be shunned or supported by the community who convicted her?

She had a long drive back to Galveston County to think about that.