HPD: Man on drugs jumps into moving traffic, dies on SW Freeway  

HOUSTON—A man died after he jumped from a moving car Friday night, according to the Houston Police Department.

The incident happened on SW freeway between Hillcroft and Fondren around 11:30 p.m., police said. Apparently, the passenger of a Nissan Altima became suicidal and jumped from the passenger side of the vehicle. The female driver told police it was not the first time the deceased had attempted suicide.

Sergeant Robert Klementich with HPD’s Crime Division elaborated on the case, “They had been smoking an illegal drug and as a result, the passenger jumped from the vehicle and several motor vehicles struck the passenger.” Police believe the incident was suicide-related.

Rick McGinnis, one of the divers who struck the deceased, said he was changing lanes and saw something on the road, but could not get out of the way and ran over it.


The incident provoked the closing of SW freeway for nearly five hours.

The female driver was arrested on DUI charges, but will not be charged in connection with the death.