California man suing Houston Embassy Suites by Hilton over a piece of lettuce

HOUSTON - A California man is suing the Embassy Suites by Houston Hilton Downtown over a piece of lettuce!

William Packard, a former hotel visitor, claims he slipped on a piece of lettuce and suffered a nasty fall while in the Bayou City for a charity fundraiser at the venue.

The lawsuit stems from an incident two years ago in 2016 when Packard's employer was holding a private dinner fundraiser and his boss asked him to go check on the hotel employees who were supposed to be serving their guests.

"He goes around and there was some, I guess, some salad or some lettuce that was kind of strung on the floor at the entrance," Packard's attorney Alfred M. Benoit explained. "And so he takes a fall, goes heel over head like the classic banana peel fall."

Packard's attorney says his client was shocked by what happened.

"Everyone turns around, they rush over to him, and as he's getting up he realizes that he's really, really injured," Benoit added.

Now Packard wants up to $1 million for his back and shoulder injuries, which his attorney says are serious and painful.

"He went to treatment for approximately slightly over a year, and he wasn't getting any better," Benoit said.

Packard may need surgery to repair the injury to his back, but he's had more bad news in the meantime.

"He was terminated because he could not keep up with the work that he was supposed to do," his attorney shared.

The lawsuit claims the hotel was at fault for what happened because hotel staff failed to pick up the loose lettuce dropped on the floor.

The hotel is owned and operated by American Liberty Hospitality, Inc., according to court documents.

So far, the hotel owners have no comment on the lawsuit.

But it sure looks like that could prove to be one very expensive piece of lettuce!