Don’t fall for it! Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office phones being spoofed in scam

CONROE, Texas - Criminals impersonating law enforcement, not with a badge and gun, but with caller ID?! That's how it's apparently going down in Montgomery County.

“Our phone number, our main line here at District Attorney's office is being spoofed or it's being used to place calls to these individuals in order to basically to fraudulently obtain their information, account numbers, social security numbers and things like that,” Special Crimes Bureau Chief Tyler Dunman said.

Con men figured out, a while ago, technology that lets them appear to be calling from somebody else's phone number.

Imagine getting a phone call from the district attorney's office — that's what it says on your phone — and the voice on the other end of the line tells you there's a warrant out for your arrest - connected to a methamphetamine investigation!

They then manufacture a way for you to get out of the mess.

“They followed that up with obtaining bank account information so that funds could be transferred to, to take care of the warrant," Dunman explained.

This is a scam folks! A con! Don't give out your personal information!

First off, the district attorney's office won't call someone with a warrant.  You'll receive something in the mail, or another agency will handle that.

It's important to note, the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office is just the flavor of the week. Next week, it could be another county or another state — all sounding very official.

If you get a call like this, make sure to notify either the DA's office or the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office. They're working with federal agencies to try and find out just who is spoofing their signal.