Fort Bend ISD Board of Trustees meet to square off with parents over proposed re-zoning

SUGAR LAND, Texas — The Fort Bend ISD Board of Trustees met again Monday night to go back to the drawing board. That is, to see if a revised master plan to draw up new re-zoning will be approved for the district.

"There's no real reason to disrupt what is a perfectly working system," parent Rama Pakala said.

The proposed rezoning affects school kids in Sienna Plantation, but there are also other issues proposed for Riverstone and three elementary schools in Sugar Land.

"Over the last several years, there was already a rezone happening, so we don't want another re-zone," another parent Lei Wu said.

Angry parents, who also happen to be tax payers, have been unhappy with the Board's handling of all these issues.

"I truly regret that our attempt to solve too many challenges at once resulted in a recommendation that made some communities feel devalued," Fort Bend ISD Superintendent Dr. Charles Dupre said at the start of the meeting.

Families of Sienna Plantation students have even formed a website and a Facebook page with about 2,000 members for the Ridge Point zone using #NoMoreBandaids.

There's even an online petition demanding a 10-year plan from the district to deal with overcrowding in a user-friendly manner.

The parents feel rezoning breaks up neighborhoods and the community, so they want other solutions.

"Sadly, our children are accustomed to overcrowded schools, bursting hallways and continuous rezoning due to the district's lack of foresight and strategic planning," as one parent put it.

One alternative discussed at last week's meeting are 'flex schedules' instead of adding more facilities, but no new changes will go into effect for the 2018 - 2019 school year.

With approval of the revised master plan, the district could roll out an $800 million bond election for November.

But it looks like before the voters approve anything, a lot more lines may need to be drawn.