PD: Friendswood mom escorted from school play for being drunk and unruly, sets off sprinkler in jail cell

FRIENDSWOOD, Texas — One parent is accused of some unruly behavior, which started while attending a school function at her child’s school.

According to Friendswood police, Christy Ann Churchwell, 35, was in the audience watching a school play Thursday night in the auditorium at Friendswood Junior High School.

Witnesses said Churchwell was being loud and appeared to be intoxicated.  An officer approached Churchwell and asked her to speak with him outside.  The officer immediately detected the strong smell of alcohol on her breath and person.  She was noticeably unsteady on her feet and needed assistance making her way to the back of the auditorium, police say.

Once outside of the auditorium, Churchwell balled up her fists and aggressively advanced toward an officer. Due to her intoxicated state and uncontrollable behavior, she was taken into custody for public intoxication.  Churchwell had eight 75ml bottles of vodka in her purse; only one of them was still full, according to police.

As Churchwell was being walked to the squad car, she pulled away, cursing loudly, and assaulted an officer by kicking him. Churchwell was transported to jail and charged with assault of a police officer.

At 8:43 p.m. the same evening, Churchwell set off the sprinkler system in her jail cell, prompting an emergency response and caused flooding and damage in the jail.

Churchwell was then slapped with another charge of false alarm or report and criminal mischief.