Texas UFC Fighter posts video of himself being waterboarded, says it’s no big deal

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HOUSTON — What’s the big deal with water boarding? That's what one Texas man asked after undergoing the controversial torture technique and posting it online.

Tim Kennedy's Instagram page describes him as a UFC Fighter, Green Beret, Army Ranger, Sniper, Brazilian Jujitsu black belt and un-apologetically American.

He decided to show his patriotism and support for CIA Director nominee Gina Haspel by undergoing the torture method that funnels water on your towel-covered face while lying inverted on a table.

Haspel has come under scrutiny for her role in post 9-11 enhanced interrogation at a secret prison.

Kennedy later tweeted: "Do it in a basement, with little sleep, with crap food and it's still just water in the face."

He described the experience as a "baptism in freedom," saying "it's not torture," despite the video only being 10 seconds long.

Malcolm Nance, former counter intelligence officer watched the video saying, "that's not how it’s done."

Adding, "I can tell you it's about aggression, intent, tiedown, pour technique, rate of flow and other factors. It's a Nazi commie torture."

However, former Vice President Dick Cheney says interrogation techniques like waterboarding should still be used.

Haspel said Tuesday morning that the CIA "should not have undertaken the program in which detainees were tortured."

So much for that argument, buddy!

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