Family of a man electrocuted during hurricane Harvey files lawsuit against CenterPoint Energy

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HOUSTON — One Houston family lost a beloved son and brother during hurricane Harvey.  Understandably, that family is still emotional and still in mourning.

Jodell Pasek talks about her son Andrew who died on August 29, 2017.  "He saved the life of his friend Sean and told him not to come near him. It could have been anyone that day."

That same family is also now suing the company they believe is responsible for his death— CenterPoint Energy.

The 25-year-old was in the Bear Creek subdivision, wading through knee-deep murky water, attempting to save his sister's cat from her flooded home. "He was successful making it to the neighborhood," says Alyssa Pasek. "But unfortunately along the way, he came in contact with a live wire in somebody`s front yard."

His family says this tragic death was caused by negligence.

Attorney Muhammad Aziz says, "There were news conferences, press conferences, internet alerts by the city, by the county, by the army corp of engineers saying, hey, this area is going to flood."

The family blames CenterPoint for not shutting off the power despite having ample time to do so. "If they know that an area is going to flood, they should cut the circuit."

A light fixture is the likely source of the current that killed Andrew. The company that made the fixture and the one that installed it are also named in the lawsuit, along with the property owner.  NewsFix asked CenterPoint Energy for an official response. The company's statement is:  "Our condolences go out to Mr. Pasek`s family.  Due to pending litigation, however, we are not at liberty to comment on the incident or lawsuit."

Andrew's family knows nothing will bring him back. They're shining a light on a need for policy changes ahead of natural disasters.

"When the officials know that the area will be flooded, it should be mandatory that the utility companies turn off the electricity to those areas so people can evacuate safely," says his mom.

Dad Al Pasek adds, "Hurricane season is fast approaching and we urge a change to prevent any further loss of life."

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