Cyclist recovering from injuries after surviving hit-and-run in east Houston

HOUSTON -- Houston, we have a problem after yet another cyclist was ran off the road and barely escaped with his life.

Tommie Wolfmyer was riding his bicycle in the bike lane on Harrisburg Boulevard in the East End of Houston when a U-Haul truck hit him and left the scene.

"I was hit in the back by a mirror and it came up the side of me and knocked me. I was out of it from there. I was hospitalized at Memorial Hermann in ICU," Wolfmeyer said. "We've created all of these lanes for people to safely ride along the street and it's still not safe."

In downtown Houston, the non-profit group Bike Houston joins cyclists worldwide for a "Ride of Silence," speaking volumes in silent solidarity to honor, educate and plead with drivers to share the road following four bicycle- related deaths in April.