Double Cups stirs up controversy with new view on coffee, bikini-clad baristas

HOUSTON -- Double Cups is stirring up a handful of controversy with their new view on coffee.

The League City coffee shop is truly in a league of their own, spicing up your morning latte with steamy shots of espresso, all while wearing bikinis.

Aside from the coffee, anger continues to brew in the small town with parents taking to social media citing the establishment is inappropriate for its dress code, or lack there of.

Repeat customer Tina Johnson says she fully supports Double Cups and society shouldn't shy away from something just because it's different.

"It's not the first time this concept has been brought around and I honestly don't see any difference than being on the beach," she said. "We live in Galveston County, so what's the difference if they are serving you coffee or walking down the beach?"

Sorry Folgers, but it looks like Double Cups just might be the best part of waking up!