Houston area schools tightening up on security after Santa Fe shooting

HOUSTON -- Houston area school districts are tightening up on security measures in the wake of the Santa Fe High School shootings.

"It's a shame that our schools have to be more like prisons, but we have to do what we have to do," said Houston mother Nisha Allen.

Aldine ISD is leading the way with big changes, including single entry access with a metal detector and ID scan at the entrance. On Sunday , Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick blamed school entries for the shooting, among other reasons.

"We need to get down to one or two entrances to our schools," said Patrick.  "You have the necessary exits for fire of course, but we have to follow our students into our schools so we can put eyes on them. "

Bay City ISD won't allow students to have backpacks through the week. Other districts taking precautions are Katy, Pearland, HISD, Fort Bend, Clear Creek, Pasadena, Cy Fair, Sweeny,  Dayton, Klein, Spring Branch and Texas City.

"I'm coming to a point in time in my children's lives where I have to choose what school they're going to be going to here in Texas, and I don't think I would choose a school that didn't have security," said mother Sienna Nussbaum who recently moved to Texas from Australia.

We all just want to keep our children safe.


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