Santa Fe ISD announces remaining class schedule in wake of last week’s shooting

SANTA FE, Texas - Santa Fe ISD continues to deal with the emotional toll of Friday's deadly school shooting.

Multiple funerals have been scheduled this week....including a service Friday for the substitute teacher-- Cynthia Tisdale, whose own son-- a police officer-- had to identify his mother's body at the scene and shared it though a letter.

"It was very hard to go from assisting others to being horribly affected by this tragic event," Tisdale family friend Cathleen McCumber read from the letter.

Authorities say the accused shooter-- Dimitrios Pagourtzis-- is now under a suicide watch at the Galveston County Jail.

But some question if perhaps some of the victims from Friday`s massacre may have been hit by 'friendly fire' - as law enforcement exchanged gunfire with the suspect.

"I can't give you that full until after the autopsy," Galveston County  Sheriff Henry Trochesset said, while also suggesting he didn't think any law enforcement were responsible for wounds to the victims.

Santa Fe ISD officials announced Monday teachers and staff will return to work this Wednesday, May 23rd.

All students will return to school next week when classes will resume on Tuesday with regular school hours.

"While we are  anxious to have our students back in our schools, we realize that there are students, staff and families who need time for grieving and mourning," said Santa Fe ISD Assist. Superintendent for Human Resources Patti Hanssard.  "We also have mental health support available throughout the district for students, staff, and faculty for as long as there is a need."

The Santa Fe ISD Crisis Hotline is 1-800-595-0869.

"We all have very heavy hearts and a great deal of pain that will remain with us forever," Santa Fe ISD Superintendent Dr. Leigh Wall shared. "I can also express my deepest appreciation for the outpouring of love and support we have been receiving for our students, staff and community."

The public can make donations at

While the community continues to grieve, officials continue to encourage everyone to support one another under the battle cry....#Santa Fe Strong!

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